5-Ingredient Healthy Sweet Potato Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Warmly spiced, soft and chewy cookies are a delicious healthier treat. No flour, fast prep, flexible! Add your favorite nuts or dried fruit.

– ▢⅔ cup sweet potato, cooked and mashed – ▢⅓ cup pure maple syrup – ▢½ cup unsweetened almond butter – ▢2 cups rolled oats – ▢1 tsp ground cinnamon – ▢½ tsp sea salt – ▢Optional Additions: – ▢1 tsp pure vanilla extract – ▢½ tsp ground ginger – ▢½ cup to 1 cup chocolate chip


Cook the sweet potato as desired (see post above). Start with a 350-degree oven. Cover a large baking sheet with parchment.

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Potato should be room temperature. Refrigeration accelerates it. Mash sweet potato with a fork or potato masher after cooling, measuring out ⅔ cup.

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Add mashed sweet potato, almond butter, pure maple syrup, and vanilla extract to a large bowl. Combine wet components thoroughly.

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Mix dry ingredients—oats, cinnamon, and salt—in the basin to make thick, sticky cookie dough. Stickier than cookie dough. This is normal.

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Choco chips? Include.Put cookie dough on parchment. Make hands-on discs or huge spoon-flatten balls since dough doesn't spread or alter shape during baking. 

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 I make 9 cookies from the batter, but you may create any size. Cook time varies on dough mound size.

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Cookies should be golden brown after 10–12 minutes on the center rack of a preheated oven.Remove the cookies from the pan after 10 minutes of cooling. Enjoy!

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