Delicious Mexican Street Corn Chicken Tacos Recipe

Spicy Mexican Street Corn Chicken Tacos with warm corn tortillas, juicy chicken strips, Mexican street corn salad, and avocado cream are delicious. When you crave Mexican food on a busy weekday, make this for the family or yourself.  


Chicken: – 1 1/2lbsboneless chicken breastsliced into strip – 2tablespoonsTaco seasoninghomemade or store-bought – 1tablespoonolive oil Mexican street corn salad: – 2ears cornor 1 cup canned corn – 1/4cupred onionfinely diced – 1small jalapenominced – 1tablespoonfresh cilantrochopped – 2tablespoonsmayonnaise – 2tablespoonssour cream – 2tablespoonscotija cheesecrumbled – 1tablespoonfresh lime juice – saltto taste Avocado cream: – 2ripe avocado – 1/4cupsour cream – 1/4cupmayo – 1teaspoonhot sauce – 2teaspoonsfresh lime juice – 3tablespoonsfresh cilantro – Saltto taste – Pinchof cumin Tacos: – 10cornor flour tortilla – 1 1/2cupsCotija cheesecrumbled


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Process all of the ingredients for the avocado cream sauce in a food processor or blender until they are completely smooth. Put aside for later.

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Grill fresh corn to make a street corn salad in the Mexican style. Preheat the grill or grill pan to a temperature that is between high and medium-high. 

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Approximately ten minutes after turning the corn, the corn should be browned.

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In a bowl, combine the corn with the other ingredients for the salad. Put some oil in a skillet or cast iron pan and set it over medium heat. 

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Cook the chicken strips for four minutes after adding them. After sprinkling taco seasoning on top, then mixing it in, cook the chicken until it reaches 165 degrees.

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Choose a corn or wheat tortilla that is the size of a taco, and then add chicken, corn salad, avocado cream, crumbled cotija cheese, and chopped cilantro to the tortilla. Now is the time to serve.

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