Healthy Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe

Gluten-free sweet potato muffins with clean ingredients for breakfast or snack. This adaptable recipe can include nuts, dried fruit, and more!

– 1 cup mashed sweet potato – ▢1 cup unsweetened almond butter, * – ▢2 large egg – ▢1/2 cup pure maple syrup – ▢2 tsp pure vanilla extract – ▢½ tsp baking powder – ▢½ tsp baking soda – ▢2 tsp ground cinnamon – ▢½ tsp ground ginger, optional – ▢1/2 tsp sea salt – ▢½ cup chocolate chips, optional


Use your preferred sweet potato cooking method. I peel and cut a huge sweet potato into chunks, then boil for 20–25 minutes. You can roast sweet potatoes.

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 Cook and refrigerate the sweet potato for up to 5 days before baking. Heat the oven to 350°F. Paper a muffin tray.

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After cooling, mash 1 cup of sweet potato with a potato masher. Mix the pureed sweet potato in a large bowl.

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Almond butter, eggs, pure maple syrup, and vanilla essence go into the large bowl with the mashed sweet potato. 

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Combine all wet components by mixing thoroughly. Almond butter that has been refrigerated should be microwaved for 30–60 seconds to soften.

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Mix the dry ingredients—baking powder, baking soda, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, and sea salt—in the basin.

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Mix in chocolate chips. A runny batter will appear. This is normal. Fill muffin cups ¾ full with batter in the tin.

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The muffins should test clean after 22–30 minutes on the center rack. Muffins are done when they reach 190–200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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You can check muffin doneness with a meat thermometer in the center. After the muffins cool, remove the wrapper and eat one or seven.

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