Only keen observers can spot 3 differences between the school pictures in 21 second

The two pictures above are exactly the same. They both show a school bus. Four people are leaving the bus: two girls, a boy, and the driver.

There are three changes between the pictures, even though they look a lot alike. How fast can you find them all?

If you look very closely at the two pictures, you will see that they are not the same. It's now your time. Best of luck!

When you get good at spot the difference games, you can remember things better, concentrate better, and see changes between things more clearly.

Time to depart. Were all the picture alterations visible in 21 seconds? People who identified the two photographs in the time limit did well. 

You have 21 seconds to find three changes between the two pictures of the school bus. If you can't, answer is provided above  to see how to do it. 

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