Optical Illusion Challenge: Find the deer in the forest in 7 seconds!

A forest deer hides in plain sight in this optical illusion. Can you spot the deer in 7 seconds? Check your observation abilities now!

Illudere—to mock or trick—is the Latin root of illusion. To provide us a sensory experience, our brain fills in information gaps from the eyes. We call it perception. 

Optical illusion visuals are one of the easiest brain attention tests. Optical illusion photographs have also been utilized by neuroscientists to research reality perception.

Practicing optical illusion puzzles may improve problem-solving and lateral thinking. How acute are your eyes? Time to test!

-The image above shows a woodland. -A wild deer hides in plain sight. -Readers must find the deer in 7 seconds. -Practice observation with this assignment. -Your time begins!

-View the image attentively. -The deer blends in, making it hard to spot. -Only keen-eyed readers will spot the deer. -Have you noticed? -Examine the entire image. -Time is ticking, hurry.

-And… -Time up. -Stop looking! -Deer-spotting readers have sharpest eyes. -Check the solution below if you can't see it.

The deer can be spotted as an outline formed in the space between the two trees and their branches.