Optical Illusion: Find the hidden lollipop in the festive scene in 11 seconds!

In this happy scene, a lollipop is hiding in plain sight thanks to an optical illusion. In 11 seconds, can you find it? See how good you are at noticing things now!

Optical illusions are pictures that mess with your mind and make you think about how you see things. Scientists use these tasks to learn more about how our brains process what we see. 

Creative thinking and cognitive enhancement are also possible with optical illusions. Regularly practicing such activities improves memory and problem-solving. Have you the best observation skills? Find out!

-The image above shows a cheerful environment. -A family decorates the Christmas tree. -Readers must find a lollipop in 11 seconds. -Practice observation with this assignment. -Your time begins!

-View the image attentively. -The lollipop blends in, making it hard to spot. -Only attentive readers will spot the lollipop faster. -Have you noticed? -Pay attention to the entire image.

-Never give up—you can do it. -Time is ticking, hurry. -And… -Time up. -Stop looking!

Readers who saw the lollipop are the greatest observers. Check the solution below if you can't see it.

The lollipop is spotted on the left side of the image hanging on the Christmas tree.