Best Bbq Crockpot Meatballs Recipe

BBQ Crockpot Meatballs are easy to make with few ingredients and minutes of prep. They're always perfect!  


– 32-ouncebag frozen fully cooked meatballsabout 50 – 2cupsorange marmalade – 2cupsBBQ sauce – 1cupsweet chili sauce – zest of one orange – 1tablespoonwhite vinegar Garnish: – Diced green onion


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The orange marmalade, barbecue sauce, chili sauce, orange zest, and vinegar should all be mixed together in a bowl of medium size.

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 as this is the way of preparation that is recommended. In order to get the desired effect, the mixture must be well mixed together.

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The base of the slow cooker needs to be sprayed with cooking oil once the slow cooker has been coated with cooking oil. This step is required.

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As soon as the meatballs have been positioned in the plate, it is strongly suggested that the sauce be poured over them. 

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Stirring the mixture in a gentle manner is necessary in order for it to be mixed.

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The meal should be cooked over high heat for two to three hours with the lid on. This is the suggested cooking time.

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