Instant Pot Refried Beans Recipe

Refried beans prepared in an Instant Pot make for a delicious side dish that possesses that Mexican flavor that we are all really obsessed with. This recipe, which is both homemade and quick, is a winner.  


– 16ozpinto beansdry – 1yellow oniondiced – 6clovesgarlicminced – 7cupsvegetable broth – 6ozcan green chilesdiced – 1teaspoonsaltor to taste – 1teaspoondried parsley – 1/4teaspoonblack pepper – 2tablespoonsapple cider vinegar – 1teaspoonhot sauce Garnish: – Parsleychopped


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Putting all of the ingredients into the pressure cooker and stirring them together will ensure that they are all combined.

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A period of sixty minutes should be spent with the lid and steam valve both closed and locked, and the pressure should be set to a high level.

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As soon as that is finished, wait fifteen minutes for the pressure to dissipate on its own, and then relieve any pressure that is still present.

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After it has been opened, give it a thorough stir.

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A portion of the liquid, approximately one cup, should be kept aside once it has been drained using a colander.

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 You have the option of using either a blender or an emersion blender in order to properly blend the bean combination.

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If it is required, you can put part of the liquid that was used for cooking into the blender.

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In order to get the appropriate consistency, the mixture should be blended until it is entirely smooth.

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